Eugenie Lewalski Berg

sculpture, prints & drawings, painting, photography

A graduate of Mass Art and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/ Tufts University (MFA), Gene produces sculpture, drawings and prints, paintings and photography in her Shrewsbury studio. The process of traveling between two and three dimensions, weaving the flat with the dimensional, separately or simultaneously, in the same piece or in different pieces, energizes her studio and propels her forward.  She works on several bodies of work at once, and often different media at once, each informing the others.

Materials speak to her. Gene uses a wide range — from paint to wax to cement and hydrocal. Process excites her, whether it is thousands of repetitive marks to mold- making and casting.  She chooses a more immediate media if the story has an urgency.  An involved process often allows room to leave the story and get technical in the studio, providing relief to the emotional journey.  Gene works to simplify her images, paring down elements to the essentials. The work begins as a narrative and finishes more abstractly with room for the viewer to enter.