Jeffrey Aragon


My name is Jeff/Jt Aragon. I have enjoyed my art classes throughout middle and high school but never thought of becoming an artist. Only about a year and a half ago did I start making art seriously. After a sad and tragic event, I started making Mesoamerican weapons, as a symbol of resistance to the hardships of life. Eventually, I started to make other art as well.

My favorite pieces of mine are the ones that include Quetzals (the iconic bird found in Mexico, Central and South America) and The Feathered Serpent who is often referred to by his Nahuatl name Quetzalcoatl.

My art focuses on Mesoamerican art, mainly Maya as my roots are most likely Maya. There are aspects of different Mesoamerican art but it is typically the aspects of the culture and art that were shared between all Mesoamerican nations such as the Feathered Serpent. I prefer making art out of wood, but I have branched out a tiny bit. Currently, most of my art is laser engraved and some hand-carved or painted pieces.

My art showcases the indigenous side of my ancestry that often is overlooked by modern “Latin” cultures or under-represented.