Camilo Almarales

Spray paint, drawing, digital art

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia but was brought to the U.S at a very young age. Growing up I began exploring the world of art, creating and drawing images from my imagination. I always saw art as my hobby but as the years went on I contemplated art as a career. Soon after, I graduated from Mount Wachusett Community College in May of 2019 with an  associate’s degree in Art. In my time at the Mount I was introduced to the concept of murals and works in spray paint. I was instantly hooked. Having done murals in Gardner, MA; Cuzco, Peru; San Ramon, Costa Rica and  as well as creating murals for the central falls school district in Rhode Island. I’ve become very fond of creating works of art through the unconventional use of spray paint. In the time that I cannot spray paint I turn towards my roots of drawing, experimenting with different methods such as “scribble drawings” which I find to be a more free form style of drawing. I hope to continue the exploration of both mediums through the years to come.