Nikki Allen

mixed media, photography

Nikki (Grdinich) Allen’s oeuvre focuses on reactions and interpretations of contemporary society versus the cultural history of how humans have been propagandized over time. Through a lens of seductive macabre, these creations often depict a temptress or satyr incognito of a great deity — antithetical to religion, divineness and prosperity. In mixed mediums of lowbrow art, these works represent both sinners and saints as one entity, balancing devious satire and cynicism through beauty and derangement.

Nikki attended MassArt with a BFA in Photography where she also studied glass and ceramics to print her film on. After moving from Worcester to Boston quite a few times, she has settled in Grafton, MA. Nikki has turned her garage into her studio where she works for Converse making imagery by day and by nights/weekends she can focus on her personal artwork. She enjoys painting, illustrating, metalsmithing & sewing while her deepest passion is for interior design.