These sixty-seven artists will have their work exhibited in the Sixteenth ArtsWorcester Biennial:

Jennifer Amenta (Worcester), On Stony Lake
Eugenie Lewalski Berg (Shrewsbury), Shush (blue)
Edward Bielejec (Grafton), The Situation
Carrie Crane (Boylston), The Mystery of the 273 Days
Louis Despres (Worcester), Factory Loading Dock, Ware, MA
Elizabeth Garamy (Worcester), Memories with Flowers
Lisa Barthelson (Rutland), undercurrents remix 1, family debris series
Susan Blatt (Stoughton), Along the Red Road
Lora Brueck (Worcester), Sunflowers
Jill Burns (Worcester), Iced Coffee Set
John Buron (Leicester), Bullet and a Haircut
Stephanie Chubbuck (Princeton), untitled (double cherry)
James Collins (Brimfield), Some Men and Some More Men
Adrienne Der Marderosian (Belmont), Passage and Portrait of a Moment, No. 1
Christine Destrempes (Harrisville, NH), Groundless #5
James Dye (Holden), The Pillars of Leviathan
Ralph Ferro (Spencer), Pigeon People
Allen Fletcher (Worcester), Death of Print
John Garton (Northborough), Filing Things Away
David Gates (Worcester), Thorns
Leslie Graff (Sutton), Calvary
Kim Gulino (Rockport), Hairum
Anne Harris (Worcester), Stony Ledge Fog II
Don Hartmann (Worcester), Grandpa Gives In
Casey Hickey (Worcester), Nest/Cage
Alison Horvitz (Somerset), Memory Jars Series
Stefanie Jasper (Hamburg, NJ), Macro River Ice
Howard Johnson (Worcester), Jim Morrison, The Lizard King: He Has Risen
Lynne Johnson (Bolton), Live Wire with Scraps
(pictured above) Timothy Johnson (Worcester), Support
Carolyn Letvin (Milford), Single Sheep #43
Kourosh Mahboubian (New York, NY), Pig Man
Julianne Martin (Holden), Royal Garden
Fernando Martins (Winchendon), Final Release
Anne McNevin (Milford), Timeworn
Lisa Montanaro (Worcester), Blue Line
Peter Moriarty (Clinton), Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, IL
Kat O’Connor (Worcester), Isola Bella
John Pagano (Paxton), Cirque – untitled #112
Yana Payusova (Brookline), Quartet
Jackie Penny (Worcester), Highway Above, Canal Below; Goodnight, Worcester…
Ann Rainey (Worcester), March 30th, 2015
Camilo Ramirez (Boston), The Gulf
Tammy Rebello (Oxford), Curtain Call
John Redick (Webster), Inside The Wave
Pamela Redick (Webster), Willow
Robin Reynolds (North Brookfield), Bearded Iris & Lupine
Rebecca Rolke (Dunbarton, NH), Falls, Freshet, and the Moon
Joan Ryan (East Boston), Hi How Are You
Robb Sandagata (Lowell), Rat Pack
Emily Sandagata (Lowell), Roost
William Scully (Jamaica Plain), Water Lily Study No. 2
Susan Sedgwick (Holden), Tower Hill Statue
Gerald Shertzer (Brookline), Arena After the Rain
Jack Sikes (Holden), Glacier Freeze
Lesia Sochor (Brooks, ME), Homage Shirtwaist
Mark Spencer (Hudson), Scape24
Michael Stevens (Fiskdale), Diagnosis
Thomas Stocker (Boston), Painting of a Persian Rug with Flawed Diamonds
Susan Stuart (Albany, NY), In Your Space
Susan Swinand (Shrewsbury), From the Dust, I
Donna Hamil Talman (Worcester), 7_Slow Fade
Francis Warner (Jefferson), Dichotomy of Engagement
Catherine Wilcox-Titus (Jefferson), Grasshopper Narcissus
Sarah Williams (Greendale), Fourty
Agnes Wyant (Worcester), Sky Pilots VII
Therese Zemlin (Andover), Iteration Series 1