Quiet Focus

Works by Zia Ayub & Kathy Murray
January 9, 2013–June 9, 2013
The Hadley

Quiet Focus offers two artists working in alternative photo processing methods. Kathy Murray uses photo transfer, digital printing and monotypes to create her imagery. She explains that she is “drawn to experimentation,” and works to find ways “to put a new spin on the familiar.” She combines images of leaves, vegetables, birds, or other elements to create a “moment of beauty and magic.”

Zia Ayub uses an alternative approach to the wet darkroom process to create his imagery. He states “My approach in the medium of photography is as the early founders of photography, like Joseph Niepce, Louis Daguerre and William Fox Talbot. My wish is to continue in the same tradition as those who invented photography…Altering the principle application of the paper developer creates the resemblance to 19th century photographs with impressionistic mood.”

Together, these artists present images inspired by the natural world around us, driven by innovative processes in their chosen mediums.