These works were selected by Fitchburg Art Museum Curator Mary Tinti from our all-member exhibit, Model Behavior. They will be exhibited at FAM this coming summer, alongside their Regional Show.  We thank all artists who were part of this extraordinary exhibit, and congratulate these:

Jennifer Amenta, Summer Concert, acrylic

Howard Johnson, Timothy Leary On The Road To Damascus,” graphite and ink

Amaryllis Siniossoglou, Alexander, oil on canvas

James Dye, Homunculus, dip pen and India ink

Ralph Ferro, Bluesman With Three String Guitar, linocut print

Marjorie Greenberg, J. Lee, Kid, acrylic

Amy Klausmeyer, Quin’s Night Out, monotype collage

Irina Parfenova, Levita, pencil on paper

Nicole Brathwaite-Hunt, Spirit Being, mixed media sculpture

Corinne Rhodes, Rabid Ride, lithograph