Hank VonHellion

photography, mixed media

My work is inspired by the philosophy that the engagement of space is a reciprocal relationship. The narratives we choose to construct around the everyday, and in turn the reaction to those narratives that we see reflected back onto ourselves, pushes and pulls in equal measure.

The art I create emphasizes the importance of perspective based on models of global communities and how we build them on the foundation of our many shared experiences.  Sometimes those experiences are grand, sometimes they are whimsical, often they are simply mundane. The minutia of our daily lives is the framework that supports commiseration. The discussion of what exactly bonds us together in a world with so much potential to divide isn’t something for any individual group to declare, but as artists it is our responsibility to function as moderators by imbuing spaces with the inspiration for discourse.

Through mediums like graffiti, illustration, installation, and photography, my goal isn’t so much to document the world as it is but rather to serve as this kind of moderator. I aim to help create more spaces where conversations about choosing our paths into the future can take shape. Our world is a flawed world, sprinkled with villainy and the self-serving. It’s also filled with good will and caring hearts. It’s a world where kinetic energy is dampened only by our inability to focus our potential. Stay focused.