Barbara Trachtenberg

painting and photography

My abstract painting, mixed media and street photography suggest narrative. That is a natural connection to my writing of poetry and fiction throughout my lifetime, which I began pursuing seriously as a MacDowell Colony Fellow decades ago. I have often thought I feel too much, and that idea seems to show up in the inner tangle of joy, frustration, wry humor, confusion and questioning that push themselves onto my canvases. That same emotional connection is also revealed in my photographs of people caught in thought and action in their environments— everyday people I encounter in many parts of the world: Morocco, Turkey, Bulgaria, in rural France and Italy, to Latin America and most recently, in Cuba in 2015. My work has been in solo, small group invited shows and juried exhibitions in a French town, an online Berlin site, and ongoing in Greater Boston. My training and research in psychology and refugee issues is keenly alive in my work.