Caroline Szcesuil


As an artist I am not painting pretty pictures for you to look at and enjoy. I am trying to get you to look at the world and feel the things that I or others have felt. I like expressing concepts of things that most people overlook. I am fascinated by the emotions that humans are capable of and how they can be portrayed through a variety of color and subject matter. I want the viewer to try and feel the intense experiences that I capture in my works in their full strength. I want you to feel, even if it makes you uncomfortable. I want you to be able to understand that we, as humans, have so much more potential than we know. We are so capable of holding such a range of emotions that we sometimes don’t even know what we are feeling, we just know we are feeling something. So whatever you feel while looking at my work, should be intense and overwhelming, but you don’t have to know what you are feeling. And that is okay, because the range of emotions humans possess is so vast we barely have enough words to describe them all.