Maryjane Michaud

photography, mixed media

For as long as I can remember I have been expressing myself through art…photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpting, designing jewelry or flameworking glass. Whatever inspires and grabs my interest is where I go. I especially love that initial jump down the creative rabbit hole venturing into a new medium and immersing myself into something fresh and different. I research, study, gather tools, discover the how-to’s and explore what’s out there trusting that inspiration will come along the way.
Digital collage and photo painting is my latest rabbit hole. My process is very intuitive and stream of consciousness driven. Almost every piece is created entirely on my iPad. I start off with a simple idea, maybe it’s a color choice or maybe it’s a particularly interesting antique photo that I want to incorporate with some of my own photographs. Over time I’ve learned that if I simply trust my creative process and connect my inner voice to what feels right I’ll know which direction to go and when a piece is complete. When I see that “something” it resonates as a feeling and a visual story emerges.