Sarah Margolin

fine craft, sculpture

The desert landscape overwhelms and inspires; it impacts my work and thought. Marks on canyon walls that look combed by fingertips and the fast, lean lines of cactus spines canvasing the vegetation have become the textures and marks I pursue in clay. The act of observing and encountering, taking time to notice the subtle and dramatic interactions between nature and self, is the focus of my work. Mine is an exploration of surprise, enlightenment, and wonderment that is sought through the materiality of ceramic.

The clay forms feel as though they are suspended in water, air or in time, referencing movement and holding positions that appear to lack gravity. Their surfaces are enriched with naturalistic textures; textures that appear as though they could’ve been created by wind, water, or sand. They explore the boundaries between form and formlessness, between gravity and levity, while in actuality; they are insistently weighted and grounded. There is a stratum to my work, a layering of different materials representing a layering that is consistent with nature or feelings.