Anya Leveille

painting, mixed media

The textures of place, blurry reflections of water and algae, the overlapping clash of colour that somehow melded together in a local’s rust-eaten door. Texture and colour, as they relate to specific objects or places, is the concept and theme of my work. Trained as a texture artist at Laguna College of Art and Design, I took my experience of how to ‘see’ and translated it into 3D, traditional work. I work on wood panel, layering colour, texture, and medium. These include the basics of oil and cold wax, as well as Venetian plaster, marble dust, natural pigment mined from Birmingham Alabama and Copper Hill Mine in Tennessee, oil sticks, crushed seashells, dry pigments from Cyprus, and rich colour obtained from semi-precious stones. And yet, even this is not a complete list, as there is always something new to be discovered when working with textures. The work is nearly ‘archeological’ in nature, building up layers of colour and varying techniques in texture to achieve interest and depth. I consider the work to be ‘sensory mapping’, an image that conveys feelings of place and mood, and a definitive psychology that allows the viewer to achieve sensory imaging through experience. Artists that influence me include Rebecca Crowell, Joan Geary, Cindy Walton, Carol Nelson and Hiroshi Matsumoto.