Ali Keller

painting, printmaking

In my work, I take landscapes and architecture from memory and abstract them. Certain moments in time or sentimental attachments are expressed through pattern, color, shape, and dimension. Throughout my painting process, I am constantly taking notes, often directly on the canvas – sometimes these are work notes, a plan to move a shape down two inches, or to set a piece further back in space; other times, these notes are personal musings, anecdotes, or fragments of poetry. These bits of text usually become obliterated along the way, but I still feel they add value through the layers of paint.

Ali Keller is a hybrid artist. She was born in Brooklyn, NY, but grew up in a small town on the Jersey Shore. She earned her BFA in painting & printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2014, and has shown in galleries across New England since. She currently lives and works in an old house by an art museum in Manchester, NH with her two cats and her partner.

Her work is in private collections across the country and in Canada.