Rezvan Kani


Throughout my artistic career I have pursued human expression in its most universal and absolute form. This search was guided by my imagination and motivated by my desire to develop my pictorial language, through the exploration of different media and the invention of original techniques that inspired me in each period.

To create my works, I usually begin with a background, which can be a mixture of colors, an abstract or concrete photograph, on which I then work by creating accidents, mixtures and textures, until, little by little, as in a dream, characters and stories begin to reveal themselves. This is where I proceed to capture these visions. Some of them are more timid than others, and they sometimes escape me, while others fight for my attention, as if begging me to reveal their presence and allow them to exist. Finally, once the work is over, I invite the viewer to discover it through their own imagination, to find their own characters and create their own story.