Clifton Hunt


Color, color, everywhere, and changing all the time. Jugs and bottles and apples and oranges and buckets and spoons and bowls and pumpkins and eggs and squash and leaves and pears and watermelons and crocks and pie plates and pomegranates and eggplants, oh my. So many willing subjects awaiting their portraits while light shifts gently about them moment by moment.

Robert A. Johnson said that one ought to push his color to extremes to learn how far they could be brought, remembering that the painter can always wipe the oil paint off and start afresh. So only after the still life setup has been thoughtfully ordered, I carry out this exercise by interpreting what the eye and mind perceive and subtly translate the scene at hand into shapes, colors, and space, whether with boldness or delicateness of color.

In the end, what really matters to me, is that my efforts have proven to bring to a patron a lifetime of enjoyment by way of an ascetically pleasing work of art adorning their home. With that, then, I have accomplished a worthy endeavor.