Jamie Lynn Dillon

painting, mixed media

A self-taught visionary artist, Jaime Lynne Dillon has always been involved in creative media. Jaime works in acrylic paint, mixed media and inks, in an abstract style. It wasn’t until the summer of 2011, that she began to incorporate her faith into her art. She often shares how the images she paints come after deep meditation in scripture. During church services and live painting events, Jaime often has no plan as to what she will be creating. She can be seen drawing in the back of church or painting at the pulpit for all to see. She has a unique “as the Spirit leads” approach to on-site painting. As a result of her passion to see the arts in church, she hosts “Inspired by Light,” a monthly creative arts night in Worcester, MA, featured in Worcester Magazine. In centuries past, the church was a huge proponent of artists, embracing creativity and excellence. Jaime has a personal goal to see the church embrace art again.

Jaime is available for gallery events, live event painting, church-based artist support, conferences, and graphic design support.