Ruth Daniel

mixed media

What if ’, is my mantra, as I begin my day in the studio. Experimenting with materials and new approaches in handling tools and mark making objects is the catalyst.

The 4 elements that remain loyal in the multiple series of works I have completed are:

  1. Contrast, which represents opposing opinions and actions among individuals.
  1. Chance, which reflects that life is unpredictable. I take advantage of accidents during

the working process. I prefer to leave unintentional marks and residue and at times allow gravity to direct the flow of paint. Some drawings also rely on predetermined rules.

  1. Mixed-media because I’m drawn to the inherent qualities of various materials. I

manipulate and attempt to transform the material into a new dynamic.

  1. Time, which is recorded in repetitive acts, motions, and mark making.

Each day I’m confronted with new questions, leaving a trail of inspiration to continue my work cycle.