Marion Buricatu

painting, mixed media, fiber arts

Marion Buricatu grew up in France where she obtained a Masters degree in Geophysics. In Paris, she taught professionals to incorporate environmental management into their everyday work. In 2001, she moved to the United States and started taking classes in what became her new passion: painting. Thirteen years later, Marion is still teaching. The only difference now is her painting classes are in French and English.

Protecting the environment will always be essential to her. To reduce her carbon footprint, she buys all her materials locally and loves to paint authentic subjects that are related to our everyday life.

Because of her unique background, Marion’s pieces are full of spontaneity, color, and a sense of effortless French Country Style. Marion explains that “as an Americanized French soul, my designs are a mixture of styles from my two countries and my two cultures. You could say, I’m an artistic mishmash.”