Alexa Briggs


My passion is photography. I began taking pictures when I was thirteen. Ever since I started traveling and visiting breathtaking places, I learned to love seeing through lenses instead of only through my eyes. I’ve been lucky to go on my journeys; I’ve driven across America and flown to Italy. Wherever I go, my camera is right by my side.

I love capturing details that might have gone unnoticed. Ansel Adams, with his amazing eye for details and his creativity, is inspiring. His phenomenal pictures motivated me to find and take pictures of the natural environment, especially the parts of it that others wouldn’t even give a glance.

Taking pictures is fun, but a photograph can also encourage others to create something beautiful and meaningful. Also, photography inspires artists to take their time and include every detail in a shot because of a unique moment that they will want to remember. This is what I hope people can take from my photography: it’s not just a picture, but also a moment I decided to capture. I love photography because every picture is a memory that I can return to in days, weeks, and even years.