Janine Adamo

mixed media

Janine Adamo is an intuitive mixed media artist. What is Intuitive Art? It’s the idea of completely letting go, trusting in oneself and letting your gut lead the way. You surrender to the moment and let each brush stroke, each move lead you to the next with no preconceived notion of where the painting/journey will take you.

Janine loves the process of pure expression, never knowing what the final piece will look like and completely living in the moment. Janine’s work displays her heart and soul through her love for color, texture and pure expression.

Janine moved to Sturbridge, MA from GA in July of 2018. She graduated from SCAD in ’96 in graphic design. 6 years ago she came full circle, turned her dinning room into a studio and started doing what always called to her heart, paint. Since then there was no turning back. Her work has been displayed in galleries, stores, restaurants, coffee houses and more. She had a few interviews and articles written on her journey back to painting. She’s so excited for this new adventure here in New England.