Thank you to those who have pledged and given so generously to our first major campaign.

The Davis and Wade Family

Stoddard Charitable Trust

C. Jean and Myles McDonough Charitable Foundation
Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund

George I. Alden Trust

Catherine Colinvaux and Phillip Zamore
J. Christopher and Catherine Collins
Allen Fletcher
Fletcher Foundation
George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Foundation
The J and J Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation/Carrie Crane
The Kirby Foundation
Marlene and David Persky
The Savickas Family

Lisa Barthelson and Bob Cox
Bay State Savings Bank
Lucey Bowen and Richard Sites
Mary and Warner Fletcher
Patricia Fletcher*
Alfred Gifford Charitable Trust
Hoche-Scofield Foundation, Bank of America
Barrett and Mahroo Morgan
Wyman-Gordon Foundation

Margareta G. Berg
Olive I. and Anthony Borgatti, Jr. Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Suzanne Campbell-Lambert and Scott Lambert
Brigita and John Clementi
Jane and Russ Dye
J. Irving England & Jane L. England Charitable Trust
Romina Sarreal Ford and Bill Ford
Phyllis Harrington
Hans and Marianne Heer
Sarah Callahan Lenis and Charles Lenis
Thomas Kuehne
Samantha McDonald and Ossian Cooney
Brenda Nikas-Hayes and John Hayes-Nikas
Patricia and Dean Paxson
Rockwell Foundation
Donna Rudek and Warren Ferguson
Stuart Sadick and James Bryant
Darcy Schwartz/ArtReach
The Schwartz Charitable Foundation
Carol Seager
Bill and Tina Sullivan
Erika Davis Wade and Wyatt Wade
Kristina Wilson and David Geist

Hildegard and Robert Armstrong
Maggie Boatwright-McEvoy
Carol and James Donnelly
The Feibel Family
Honee Hess and Phil Magnusson
Adam and Michelle Glass
Ryan Hacker
Kathee and David Jordan
Christopher and Patricia King
Augusta H. Kressler, M.D., Fund of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Ted Lilley
Madeleine Lord
Susan and Robert Mack
Ann Molloy and Kenneth Stillman
Linda I. Nelson
Karen Nunley
Todd and Shelley Rodman
Alicia O’Connell and Neil Rogers
Gerald and Neall Russell
Kent dur Russell and Aisling Gaughn
Randi Shenkman
Jon Seydl
Toby Sisson
Matthias Waschek and Steve Taviner

Up to $999
Cheryl Adams
Tuck and Amanda Amory
Frank Armstrong and Ellen Dunlap
Nancy Burns
Jim Curran and Yolanda Rigali
Bruce and Kim Cutler
Lawrence DeJong
Michael Eressy
Laurel Feinberg
Kathy Freeburn
Sharon Freed
John Garton
Ajayi Harris and Ellen Foley
James and Chris Hunt
Heather Mangione
Brenda and Philip Marshall
Mike McCool
Donna McGrath and Jeff Van Amburgh
Katharine Michie
Dusty and Margery Miller
Ann-Cathrine Rapp
Ann Rosebrooks
Ron Rosenstock
Gordon Saperia
Susan Sedgwick
Richard and Madeline Silva
Catherine Quick Spingler
Donna Hamil Talman
Dick and Rosemary Taylor
Mary and Philip Warbasse
Kristin Waters
Chick Weiss and Gayle Flanders Weiss
Catherine Wilcox-Titus
Susan and David Woodbury

We are grateful to each and every supporter. Thank you.