Cliff Hunt

Still Life in Dialogue

Hanover Theatre, 2 Southbridge Street

On view October 31, 2017 through February 10, 2018

Opening reception: Wednesday, December 6

Cliff Hunt’s technique invokes Old Master still life paintings, with luminescent fruits, vegetables, and domestic objects in casual disarray on humble tables. The objects in this series, however, are infused with far more personality than their historical antecedent. A clique of olives rejects a silver dish that seeks their company; an onion fights with its lurid backdrop; a gang of peaches rot together. A quiet humor informs these confident, masterly paintings.

At sixteen, Hunt created his first oil painting and went on to attend the School of the Worcester Art Museum. Thirty-eight years later, in February of 2014, he returned to his artistic pursuits and set his focus on painting traditional still lifes. His compositions of fruits, vegetables, and antiques are carefully illuminated to balance their highlights and shadows. Hunt’s paintings are sometimes made all prima (with wet paint applied to wet paint), while others are composed of complete layers, taking longer to execute. In the end, what really matters to the artist is his “efforts to bring to a patron a lifetime of enjoyment with an aesthetically pleasing work of art adorning their home.” “With that,” he says, “I will have accomplished a worthy endeavor.”
At 6:15 PM the evening of the opening, Hunt will give a brief artist talk explaining his process and inspirations. The artist’s reception is open and free to all.After the reception, viewings are by appointment (also free) through February 10, 2018. To make an appointment, please email us or call 508-755-5142. Parking for the opening and viewing appointments is available in the City’s Federal Square lot, across Main Street from the Hanover Theatre.


Image Above: Nobody Else Move!, oil on panel, 11×14″
Image on the Front Page: WHAT WAS I THINKING?, oil on panel, 11×14″


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