Peter S. Wise

painting, photomontage, mixed media

Peter is a native of New Mexico who has lived and worked in Massachusetts for 30 years. In regards to the visual arts he is largely self-taught and has a keen interest in early 20th century art, reflected in his photomontages which he sometimes calls “faux-dada.” Given his self-taught activities in several media his work frequently questions the definition of art in conventional senses while still drawing on multiple sources in the canon of visual arts. He has participated in many exhibits in Worcester, Boston and Providence and points in between and was a co-founder of Sleeping Dog (A Coalition of Artists against Censorship) and a member of Grove Street Gallery, ArtsWorcester and other regional arts organizations. His recent exhibits include “Double Exposure,” with Dr. Catherine Wilcox-Titus at the Hanover Theater under the auspices of ArtsWorcester and “Six Senses,” a show organized by him at the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester.

While Peter may vacillate between acceptance and rejection of art as typically understood, his enduring wish is not to produce anything boring.