Matthew J. Burgos

drawing, colored pencil, pastel, paper, ink, markers, mixed canvas, photography

Most of my art appears like snapshots from a foreign, often science fiction, setting. I like for the pieces to force questions about the scene at hand, while providing just enough clues for the viewer to make their own assumptions. Having graphic and comic influences has led me to adopt a similar creation process and style. As my skills have grown so has my thematic influences, and I am now touching upon social and political elements. To classify my whole body of work would bring up ideas of neo-expressionism, pop, and abstraction with technological and naturalist elements in bright contrasting scenarios.

My roots in photography no doubt stem from my mother, who is well known for photographing almost every family event in an almost archival fashion. My interests gravitated to nature and the more candid parts of life. I prefer to single out the small often overlooked elements/moments/interactions as opposed to the large picture. I like to think that my nearsightedness has left me with an appreciation for looking closer at small things.