Steve Belz


My sculptures express the beauty of nature and the tension created by man’s manipulation of our environment. I use the beauty of form to increase the viewer’s emotional connection with nature. I employ manufactured components in my work to create a tension meant to bring about a consciousness within the viewer, to open a dialogue about contemporary society’s association with nature. I hope that my art will encourage viewers to become increasingly proactive in assuring a sustainable future.

I was born and raised in Olympia Washington where my admiration and respect for the natural environment developed. In 1995, I ventured out of the rain to a sunnier setting in Crested Butte, Colorado. There I worked as an independent studio potter and carpenter for more than 10 years. After many years of potting, building, traveling, snowboarding, biking, fishing, and hiking, I returned to school. In 2012, I received my Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from Kansas State University. Recently, I became a one-year Artist in Residence at the Worcester Center for Craft in Central Massachusetts where I will be concentrating on sculpture.